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By Alex Gonzalez


New Mexico on Thursday adopted a redistricting plan that will establish slightly different boundaries for New Mexico’s three congressional districts and made the fewest changes among the proposed alternatives. “ it also strikes an appropriate balance between various interests and political parties…He pointed to Martinez, U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan and his father, New Mexico House Speaker Ben Lujan, and noted that the current secretary of state, the state auditor and three of New Mexico’s Supreme Court justices are also Hispanic.”

 Not surprisingly, Gov. Martinez has demonstrated again her leadership skills. After reforming education and economic policies in the state with a conservative framework, by compromising with the Democrats in the legislature she has agreed to a new redistriting plan; and as result, she has earned  high recognition  nationally again. Thus, even with the majority Democratic Legislature Martinez and the Democrats have agreed to a redistricting map that has actual Representation in the state and in Congress for Hispanics.  

Part of this successful policy cohesion in New Mexico, as the judge noticed, is the fact that Hispanics in New Mexico are proportionally represented in the state legislature. New Mexico is the most Hispanic state with 46% of  the total state population.  Similarly, 45% of legislators in the state are Hispanics, from both parties.  And in New Mexico, Hispanics have a 40% share of the total state registered voters. Also, in 2010, 38% state vote was Hispanic.  


In Texas, where Hispanics are 36% of the total population, Hispanics are only about 20% of the legislative body, and 25% of the total share of the registered voters.  As a result, Republicans still need to create safe district by splinting as Hispanic vote as much as possible. But this is not unique to Texas Republicans. Majority Democrats in California and Illinois too are doing a similar schemes in their respective state to keep “Hispanic-majority” districts from being created, and thereby, minimizing any potential Hispanic voter to move to Republicans side. So states and new districts  where Hispanic are 38% and 36% of the population are not being proportionally represented in the new democratic plan in California or Texas the same way they represented in New Mexico.

Hispanics in California are 38%, but in the state the new plan will weaken Hispanic influence in Congress and at state legislature to only 22%  in the legislature while increasing the liberal white districts bloc.  Therefore, Hispanics politicians and advocacy groups from both parties should look at New Mexico to predict when they realistically push cohesion policies aimed at Hispanics without falling into a tribal typical partisan dispute between democrats and Republicans.

What did the successful redistricting really shows is that when both parties agree on issues important Hispanics, and with a large Hispanics representation in the legislature, they can indeed move forward. For example, Gov. Martinez passed education reform because she worked with democrats. Democrats opposed the repeal the driver licenses that Martinez campaigned on; but when Martinez failed to get support for the repeal the bill, she abandoned the effort, which was mainly pushed by the Tea Party hard liners in the state. However, because in New Mexico the legislature is already 45% Hispanic, redistricting is no longer hot issue and both sides find overlapping issues such education and driver licenses in which they can work.  And both of these issues are important for Hispanic voter in New Mexico

Thus, Hispanics, if they  want to effectively  advance their  issues successfully, they need to have state legislature that reflect the state Hispanic population, either to protect or advance, issues salient to communities or  districts at the state level.  But at this point in both California and Texas—the 2 largest states—want to split the Hispanic vote to prevent any real proportional representation throught Hispanic-majoiryt districts. Real reforms, like in New Mexico,  for Hispanics can only advanced  with single Hispanic-majority districts; districts that will create their own representatives and cohesive policies aimed at Hispanic issues.


                                        From One Single Life: Merry Christmas


Every year on December 25, we marvel at celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the one person whose birth is a reminder of peace on earth and toward each other. It is during this time that we join with great joy and happiness to remember those small but meaningful things that are sometimes overlooked by busy lifestyles, anger, indifference, or other obscure distraction. Yet, on this one day we remember and celebrate with gifts and well wishes of “Merry Christmas,” as a sign of unity and peace. To believe and have unshakeable faith that one person entered this earth to save it, because we are worth saving is humbling to say the least.

And so on this Christmas Eve and tomorrow on Christmas Day, where families, friends, and strangers join to remember this joyous event, please remember to pass on the concern of kindness toward each other as well. The act of compassion must be apparent in our lives, not just on this day, but every day; to do so is the highest honor we can show for the birth of Christ on this day. May you have a beautiful day celebrating his birth with your family, friends, and all of those around you. It is the least we can do for this one single life who came onto this earth for the benefit of the world.

May you celebrate with joy and remember that all life is sacred.  All life is relevant.

Merry Christmas,
Linda Vega
Founder of Latinos Ready To Vote!

An evening with State Rep. Raul Torres (R) from Corpus Christi



                                                                      Linda Vega with Rep Torres


                                                                                     Linda and jacob Monthy

By Alex Gonzalez

It was exactly two weeks ago when the conservative blogosphere and punditry were cheerfully celebrating the supposed end of Newt Gingrich after his statements on immigration during the Republican debate. Bloggers like Erick Erickson from RedStates, and even the governor of Iowa Bandstand claimed  that Newt Gingrich had a “heartless” moment in his campaign in Iowa;  as a result, the campaign was doomed.  However, unlike the wishes of those prematurely celebrating Gingrich’s fall,   the courage and determination of Gingrich that has demonstrated that when a candidate fervently believes in his/her core convictions, and sticks to them, voters eventually see the value in the words and will appreciate that you have talked to them like adults.  It is clear , conviction and courage  is what has propelled Gingrich from being second-tier candidates to a front-runners position for the presidency.   

Gingrich’s comments on immigration two weeks ago were quickly blasted on conservative websites like Free Republic and RedState. The president of  The Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, William Gheen, predicted that Gingrich will  be loke “Perry Plunge” in the polls.  Similarly, the head of ALIPAC said that Gingrich will pay with diminished support.  Moreover, “Influential” Iowa radio host Steve Deace wrote on his blog that Gingrich’s stance undoubtedly hampers him. And, even columnists from one of the most prominent Conservative magazines, the National Review, David Hanson and Thomas Sowell jumped on the anti-Gingrich van wagon attacking him just because of his statement on immigration.  But not even the NR had cohesive argument against Gingrich, nor could they defeat Reason and the humane argument made by Gingrich. 

According to Mr. Sowell, “The purpose of American immigration laws and policies is not to be either humane or inhumane to illegal immigrants. The purpose of immigration laws and policies is to serve the national interest of this country.”   But sadly, Mr. Sowell too argues that the nation immigration policies are to “protect the interest of the nation” with little regard for humane treatment of hard working people.  He clearly argues immigration policies are only enforcement-only  polices, but he denies the basic conservative principles on immigration policies; the purpose of the immigration policies in the U.S. is to provide sufficient  workers—a healthy labor pool—for the Free Market Capitalist system we cherish.  He also negates that the other actual purpose of immigration laws is to unify families. In fact, both of these conservative principles are precisely what Gingrich wants to do with his immigration plan.   Evidently Mr. Hanson, and Mr. Sowell were more stimulated by doing the same thing that Romney does,  spreading fear that has nothing to do with conservative principles.   

But despite the hype surrounding the immigration issue two weeks ago, all new survey out of Iowa from the last three days show good news for Newt Gingrich: Immigration is not high on Iowa voters’ list of issue priorities. So evidently all these conservative pundits and Tea Party activists did not care about Newt’s positions on other issues.  All they cared about was about spreading the false idea that any candidates that would offer a reasonable position on immigration would be doomed from the outset.  Essentially, those pundits that attacked Gingrich do not care about solutions, but rather about hype they use to spread fear. Luckily, the Republican Party still has candidates that are not afraid to “take the heat” and stick to their core convictions with reason and to turn tide around to humane and viable solutions. Newt Gingrich has just done that. 

Gingrich, with courage and confidence, has turned a tide of ill-advised ideas and misinformation spread by Mitt Romney, and pundits, who have made immigration the main agenda to build their coffers. Though, some activists and  bloggers did mobilize and made made Rick Perry back track, when they tried to do the same to Gingrich, Newt’s convictions were stronger than vile rhetoric and he showed them that he was not easily intimidated.  As result, Newt has shown that the issue of immigration is not really important to conservative Republican primary voters, but rather is an issue pushed by those who do not want a solution—for whatever reasons they have. Gingrich had the courage to take command of the issue of immigration by taking it away from angry bloggers, activists and “heartless” candidates who no longer promote the humane and conservative values Reagan once promoted. 

In fact, Newt’s campaign is so far from the rhetoric espoused by those who presumed the end of the campaign that his new campaign video speaks entirely about family and traditional American values.  While others like Romney and Bachmann insist onspreading fear still, Gingrich is promoting good and Christian religious humane approaches, which are the foundation of American greatness—or creed . It couldn’t be any clearer, at least to me, Gingrich’s strong and conservative conviction can veer the Republican Party back to the Reagan times.


Nearly two-thirds of the 10.2 million unauthorized adult immigrants in the United States have lived in this country for at least 10 years and nearly half are parents of minor children, according to new estimates by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center.  The Pew Hispanic analysis finds that 35% of unauthorized adult immigrants have resided in the U.S. for 15 years or more; 28% for 10 to 14 years; 22% for 5 to 9 years; and 15% for less than five years. You can read the full Pew study Here

These are four graphs designed to explain where Hispanic/Latino turnout since 2004. Also illustrates in a state-by-state polls and Hispanic registration numbers in 2010.  


1. Graph 1 shows the total percentage of Hispanic/Latino turnout during each election as well as the number in millions of Hispanic/Latino  voters. If we follow the same exponential increase of voter and turnout of the last 7 years, there is straight line that can be draw from 2004 to 2012.


2. Graph 2 shows the numbers in millions on how many Hispanic/Latino voters voted for Republicas and Democrat during each election.  These numbers are the total share at the national level with 2008 being the lowest at only 29%.  

3. Graph 3 show the actual number of Hispanic/Latino turnout, registration, and eligible Hispanic voter by state.

4. Graph 4 shows the actual percentage Hispanic/Latino vote in those states with large concentration of Hispanics. It also shows the issues more important to Hispanic voters.